Monday, May 10, 2010

Let's Learn Japanese

This blog - Let's Learn Japanese - is a collection of video lessons consisting of 52 episodes, divided into two parts (Basic I and Basic II). Each part consists of 26 episodes, and the episodes explain grammatical structures, new words and cultural information about Japan.

According to Wikipedia, the first part (Basic I) was made in the mid 1980's, and the second part (Basic II) was created in the mid 1990's as a video-based Japanese language study course for English speakers. And all episodes of both parts were aired on television.

Note: Companion books to the courses are available online, so you can read the textbooks here.
Book - Let's Learn Japanese Basic I

Book - Let's Learn Japanese Basic II

Let's Learn Japanese Basic I

Episode 01: I'm Yan.
Episode 02: What's that?
Episode 03: There's a cat.
Episode 04: Where is it?
Episode 05: Please give me some stamps.
Episode 06: Please turn left at the next corner.
Episode 07: May I look at this?
Episode 08: May I write with a pencil?
Episode 09: She gets up at 6 o'clock every morning.
Episode 10: He doesn't drink milk.
Episode 11: I went to Nikkō.
Episode 12: When did you go?
Episode 13: They're watching a baseball game.
Episode 14: He's drinking beer while watching TV.
Episode 15: It's hot every day.
Episode 16: Is it hot enough?
Episode 17: I want to drink some cold beer.
Episode 18: Do you dislike fish?
Episode 19: Mt Fuji will come into view before long.
Episode 20: It looks good.
Episode 21: I can't speak English.
Episode 22: Is it possible to see the model room?
Episode 23: Why aren't cars passing?
Episode 24: We're a little late so let's hurry
Episode 25: What's in the briefcase?
Episode 26: Do you remember?

Let's Learn Japanese Basic II

Episode 27: I think I can be there by 4 PM.
Episode 28: Maybe you should go and meet her soon.
Episode 29: He said he's going to Nagasaki today.
Episode 30: I got them from a friend.
Episode 31: We're thinking of singing Beethoven's ninth.
Episode 32: Try reading the Japanese.
Episode 33: It's nice and clean now.
Episode 34: Will you turn up the volume on the TV a little bit?
Episode 35: Turn the stove off when you leave the room.
Episode 36: I'm so bored I don't know what to do.
Episode 37: Shall I change the towel?
Episode 38: Mr Terada has been taking care of me.
Episode 39: If this design is chosen, I'll go back to my country.
Episode 40: You mustn't tell Yan.
Episode 41: He doesn't seem to be there.
Episode 42: Even if we invite him, I don't think he'll come.
Episode 43: I was in a hurry, so I couldn't buy it.
Episode 44: I'm planning to see the sea, visit old houses and so on.
Episode 45: It's hard, working like that in this snow.
Episode 46: What's this fish called?
Episode 47: The sakura hasn't bloomed yet, has it?
Episode 48: There's only one bottle left.
Episode 49: We'll miss you when you're gone.
Episode 50: I've never traveled abroad before.
Episode 51: Give it to him when he's come down.
Episode 52: If you are ever in Japan again please stop by.

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  1. thanks for this amazing blog

  2. It is a rare collection of video lessons. Thanks for sharing this stuff.I would like to recommend an online Japanese course , where language seekers can learn Japanese by reading news and stories.

  3. This article reminded me of how I tried and failed to learn Japanese many times in the past.

    Part of the problem was that I was always so busy that I didn't even have time to eat.

    I also felt that I was too old and that you couldn't teach a dog new tricks.

    To make it worse, I'm totally tone deaf and no language had ever stuck in my brain!

    Finally, after a lot of disappointment and frustration, I found a way to learn Japanese so that it sticks to my brain like Krazy glue!

    It only took a few minutes a day and was actually easier for an older person like me.

    I'm now practicing my pronunciation so I can sound like a native when I go to Tokyo next year.

    If you're wondering how I did it, you can see the website yourself right here:

    Hope this helps!

  4. Nice lessons for a beginner. These videos are really a helpful to know How to read Japanese with a innovative online way.